2005_11_rent.jpgIt's been oh, about five million, thirty-one thousand, three hundred sixty minutes since the musical Rent premiered on Broadway, and Gothamist must admit that because Seasons of Love has been playing over and over again thanks to the ads for the movie Rent, we're tempted to see it in order to get the song out of our head. Some early reviews are out (Variety thinks it's very Chris Columbus, very lame but the Hollywood Reporter is much more positive), but we have enjoyed Perptually Nauseous's take on the film, after seeing it with "with five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred homos." Mainly, it's about realizing that Father Time has truly done his job:

And when the big "La Vie Boheme" number came on, I know, without a doubt, that if I were to be put in that situation, I would be the one saying...

"Can you please not stand on the table! This is a public place! There are health codes! DON'T SAY DILDO! Those people are staring at us! You are embarrassing me!"

...I'm am officially old.

Oh, and also it seems that "Roger's Hair is a cross between Austin Starlett from Project Runway and Bon Jovi." Heh!

Are you excited to see Rent? Or are you thinking there's no way the film will make more than $40 million? And so far, the only remedy for getting "five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes" out of our head has been watching DVDs of PeeWee's Playhouse and singing that theme song. Yes, the Dinosaur Family says hi!

And Gothamist on how the movie filmed in San Francisco with some NYC exterior scenes. Remember, Rent star Anthony Rapp says that the production designers were dedicated to defying anyone who would say that it wouldn't look shot in NYC, so we'll want your insights on whatever mistakes that film makes. Let us know and we'll revisit it on Monday!