A little bit of Olde Williamsburg (circa 2004), right in the middle of New Williamsburg, could be yours. This piece of prime real estate used to be called "Trash Bar" in the mid-aughts, when the area was more Real.

The "Trash Bar" hosted a number of bands, though you probably haven't heard of any of them. They also sold Pabst Blue Ribbon (called "PBR" by locals) for something like 2 bucks, and patrons sat on old worn-in car seats ripped from their vehicles. It was pretty dirty in there. It still is.

The space, located at 256 Grand Street, sits perfectly preserved in its own filth (a.k.a. "hipster gold dust"). An untouched tableau of a bygone era. This kind of authentic dive could never again exist in the now post-ironic neighborhood, unless it became a dive bar-themed restaurant that served small plates. (Just ask the former owner of Trash Bar, who made a move into the small plates biz.)

The historic spot is now on the market, and the listing notes that it's the "perfect place to do a restaurant, bar or any other type of business" (even an Urban Outfitters or J. Crew!) "The place had an existing liquor license making it easy to obtain the license" (perfect for a Starbucks!). "Cooler that is located in the basement" (Brooklyn's first ice bar!). "11' Ceilings" (second location for a James Murphy wine bar?). "2,400 sq ft" (neighborhood's first Guy's American Kitchen & Bar?!).

For just $20,000/month, your possibilities are endless and your future is bright, as long as you go with a Trusted Chain or something with small plates.