The best Valentine's Day related story we've seen yet must be this one from the Columbia Spectator, which looks at the Anachronistic Gentleman Rental Society. Now, while the men are actually free of charge, they can be dressed in period clothing. No joke - Columbia sophmore Genevieve Yang told the Spec why she founded the service: “One day last year I was thinking, what if instead of a one-night stand, you had a one-night-walk-in-the-park-hand-holding?” Other fun facts: Yang uses a parasol on sunny days and wears a corset, and seventeen guys have actually signed up but no one has ever rented them! This must mean there are very few aspiring ladies out there - and we thought you were suckers for Merchant Ivory films! Anyway, Gothamist recommends this as the basis for a short film at least, since the rent-a-date has been a film staple: See Can't Buy Me Love, Pretty Woman, The Wedding Date, and The Man from Elysian Fields. Also, this reminds us a little of Kate & Leopold, which we did see in the theaters and can justify seeing because it featured awesome Brooklyn Bridge mentions.

Remember when some students tried to rate Columbia ladies? And Gothamist tried to get our brother to try to find Yang's Facebook page and more about the AGRS, but he told us he was too busy instant messaging, wearing a jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, and living life to bother.