Crafting has made a big comeback over the past few years, and the Renegade Craft Fair has done a good job of creating a platform for crafters to sell their wares. The Post says "Expect indie artists with an edge - not frumpy, mothball-tinged women in cat sweatshirts peddling macramé plant holders. This craft fair has got cred." From their website:

The Renegade Craft Fair is a unique DIY event organized by Sue Blatt + Kathleen Habbley. When this event began in 2003, there was nothing else like it. We took up crafts as a hobby after college and decided to try selling our stuff in local fairs. To our surprise, no events were catering to the burgeoning DIY craft community or even prohibited crafts all together. So we thought of organizing a fair of our own that tapped into this movement and provided a laid back, fresh venue for artists and shoppers alike.

The fair is going on all weekend at McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg (11am to 6pm each day). We plan to hit it up, and suggest you do too if you're in the area. Two years ago we purchased some Andrew Bird artwork from Jay Ryan there. Doesn't look like he'll be around this year, but check out all the other vendors that will be, here. Photo from today at the fair via Hoimoi's Flickr, who says there are "lots of carefully selected and interesting vendors."