Renee ZellwegerNews comes that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah will perform at the Oscars, but not Renee Zellweger. Apparently she declined, and, Ms. Zellweger, we thank you for that. She even admitted not wanting to sing - in a Guardian article, she said, "I was not going to sing for anybody besides my dogs when I'm in the shower, and then Rob Marshall comes along and that was it." Damn you, Rob Marshall! I like Renee a lot, but the "can't sing" thing is bugging me out. CZ-J and QL will be performing the only original song from Chicago, "I Move On," which the original Chicago musical creators, Fred Ebb and John Kander, wrote specifically for the film. Elvis Mitchell described Zellweger: "[her] float-like-a-butterfly voice doesn't triumph over her my-left-foot dance skills"

The New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein wanted Janet Jackson to contribute a song, as well as have Britney Spears do a cameo. Silly Harvey!

Watching Renee perform at the Oscars would have been the A-list version of watching Jennifer Jason Leigh in know, the movie where she's a crappy singer who is trying to make it.

But for some reason, Renee will be singing in her next movie, Down with Love. She's playing opposite Ewan McGregor, so maybe it can be excused this time.

Renee doesn't want to dance anymore either - Page Six says she declined participating in a Crunch class based on Chicago's choreography.