mrremyma.jpgRappers Remy Ma and Papoose are finally tying the knot today at a ceremony on the exclusive Rikers Island, and the rain is the least of their problems. Papoose, who recently duped the Bed-Stuy volunteer EMTs for his video, has been planning the big day as his lady resides behind bars. This would have made for a fantastic hour of reality television had they filmed the process for Bridezillas, considering on just an average night out Remy Ma shot her friend in the stomach.

Since no reality television deal came through, The NY Times has a piece on what it's like to get married on Rikers Island.

The long walk to the Rose M. Singer chapel on Rikers Island starts after the wedding party passes through metal detectors. When the bride and groom reach the altar, the chapel doors are locked behind them.

Marriage vows are uttered in a windowless room with cinder-block walls.

The couple have permission for nothing more than a kiss after the pastor declares them husband and wife.

“Once you say ‘I do,’ he is going his way and you are going your way,” said the Rev. David Staton. “They are not going home together.”

As bleak as it sounds, weddings on Rikers are common; there were 180 last year alone -- though unlike Remy Ma's case, it's the groom that's usually incarcerated. Some other fun facts should you be considering a destination wedding on Rikers: The Department of Corrections sets your date, no flowers, no wedding cake and no photography allowed, a gown can be brought in but the ceremony is so brief that some just wear jail-issued jumpsuits. That's a stress-free wedding right there, especially when The NY Post takes care of your invites.

Will the happy couple procreate? There's no getting pregnant on the Island (conjugal visits aren't allowed), however, once married "the couples can apply for a chance for time alone if the incarcerated spouse is moved to one of the state prisons that allow such visits." Remy Ma is currently awaiting her April 23rd sentencing after being convicted of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the Meatpacking District last year.