Nitrous vendors are pretty much a staple at any concert—even those concerts without a certain jam quality. We've spotted them after Tom Petty shows at the Beacon Theater, right there as you entered the subway at Verdi Square. The hissing of the tank, the colorful balloons, the ghoulish laughter... and not a care in the world or worry of getting caught from those participating. We've seen them outside more dance-centric shows like Ghostland Observatory at Terminal 5. And remember that time the nitrous-fueled zombies roamed Williamsburg and the NYPD didn't even blink?

It's not often we hear about any of these guys getting busted, but DNAInfo reports that a man selling nitrous—or as they call it, "laughing gas" (lol)—outside of Irving Plaza was just sloppy enough to get caught.

The site reports that 22-year-old Carlos Holguin was spotted filling balloons by some NYPD officers around 2:15 a.m. at Irving Place and 15th Street following a Disco Biscuits concert at the venue. When approached, Holguin offered an officer a 4-for-$20 deal on balloons (maybe if he didn't offer him market price this would have gone a lot smoother?).

"Holguin was charged with unlawful use of nitrous oxide for intoxication and unlicensed general vending, both misdemeanors, according to the criminal complaint. He did not have a license from the Department of Consumer Affairs to sell the balloons, the DA's office said. He is due back in court on July 23."

Hopefully this means the NYPD will start cracking down on nitrous dealers more. This stuff is terrible as a recreational drug, and always a depressing site to see after a show—seeing that kind of cheap, grotesque desperation to keep the night going with a $5, 60-second high is enough to kill your buzz from that sick "The Curtain With."