phph1YcghAM.jpgThe NY Times takes a preemptive look back at McCarren Park Pool, on the cusp of its closing, saying "Like every sweet summer fling...this one is destined to end." The empty pool has given some locals fond memories of the Slip n' Slide, dodgeball, this guy, the music. Sure, the beer lines were long at times, and the entry line even longer, but before the pool gets refilled with water, some are shedding tears over it, because let's face facts: the Sunday Pool Parties just won't be the same when they're not held in a quadruple-Olympic-size swimming pool. As for what the future holds, next year JellyNYC will take the Pool Parties to Austin, Portland, San Francisco, and Nashville--but there currently isn't a site secured for New York. In July, however, they told us "The Open Space Alliance, Parks Department and even Marty Markowitz’s office has been very clear that there will be a space for concerts no matter what in Williamsburg" As for an opposition, Phyllis Yampolsky, founder of the McCarren Park Conservancy, says the pools "basic needs are not for the fashionistas of Williamsburg.”