Summer is here, the younguns are being shipped off to camp to tearfully pore over their yearbooks and read and re-read the nice things their classmates wrote in them (or cry over how nobody would wrote anything in theirs). Or to surf on the Facebook or something. Which makes it a perfect time to review some politicians' high school photos! Sure!

To that end, BuzzFeed went and rounded up 69 photos of American politicians way back when. It is your typical BuzzFeed list—Rand Paul dissects a cat!—but it also has some nice reminders about some of our own local politicians. Like the fact that our mayor has not changed a bit since High School.

Yup, Mike Bloomberg was in the Science Club, the Technical Club, the Debating Club, was a Home Room Dues Agent and, of course, was the president of the Slide Rule Club. Wait, the what? The Slide Rule Club. Yeah, we didn't know either. But apparently, in the same yearbook "the club is described like this: 'Under the tutelage of Mr. Appiani, a group of students, studying higher mathematics, have been learning the proper use of the slide rule.'" Good training for future heads of nanny states.

And Bloomberg wasn't the only pol in the list who caught our eye. How can you not notice that bow-tie and deer-in-headlights look on current Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Finally, for good measure, we'd be remiss not to mention two powerful men on the list who happened to have gone to school at New York's prestigious public school, Styuvesant. Yup, that long-haired youngster you see above is now the much-less haired White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod (class of '72), and below him? Why, that's our Attorney General Eric Holder (class of '69). We doubt at the time of the photo he ever thought he'd be held in contempt of Congress.