Remember the Alamo? It Returns on Monday!

It feels like a thousand years since the beloved Astor Place cube (full name: Alamo, by Tony Rosenthal) disappeared, but a quick consultation of the Gothamist archives reveals that the abduction occured on March 9, 2005. Following months of speculation, New York Magazine reports that the cube is supposed to be back in place by 8am on Monday morning. And there's more! The cube has been somewhat spiffed up for its return:

“One of our guys was in there for a solid week welding up the interior.” To make way for a fresh paint job (Sherwin Williams’ Acrolon black sprayed with a protective graffiti coat), years of punk-era detritus were scraped off. “Someone had painted the Missing Foundation logo on the side of the cube,” says Schaefer, an old-school- music fan. “They were a band from the Lower East Side.”

So on Monday, grab your skateboard and punk-rock leather jacket and let us know if the cube spins any faster than it used to!