2006_02_arts_livablestreet.jpgImagine Manhattan streets with less cars, buses and exhaust and catered more towards pedestrians. It sure would have made walking around during the transit strike a bit nicer. Tonight Livable Streets: A New Vision For New York opens. The exhibit aims to explore new concepts for our city streets, such as turning them in to pedestrian-friendly public spaces. On display at the Urban Center, the exhibit launches the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign — a collaboration between The Open Planning Project, Transportation Alternatives and Project for Public Spaces.

Forget about accommodating to the ever-increasing traffic, THIS exhibit offers innovative, people-focused solutions to challenges facing city planners. Compromising by balancing the needs of drivers with the quality of life of residents and visitors, the city’s streets can be reborn as as a venue for socializing and urban exploration. View some examples of what the streets could look like here.

Now, what can we do about that annoying car alarm that goes off outside of our window every morning?

Today through March 29th // 11am to 5pm (open daily, closed Thursdays and Sundays) // Urban Center Galleries [457 Madison Ave at East 51st St] // Free