There are many, many 'cops and lawyers' television shows out there—but as far as we know, there has only been one show set in a Manhattan night court, Night Court (cue the best TV theme song ever). And sadly, this month the world lost the creator of that show when Reinhold Weege died at age 62.

Weege, who also wrote and co-produced Barney Miller before creating Night Court, died in his California home of natural causes. He leaves behind two daughters, Tez and Alix, and a granddaughter.

Through the run of Night Court—which aired Thursdays with The Cosby Show and Cheers as part NBC's golden era—got more and more slapstick as time went on, Weege insisted he had seen real life courtrooms that were stranger. And real or not, it was a grand example of a certain era in comedy:

On Friday one of the show's stars, John Larroquette (seen teaching ladies English above), turned to Twitter to remember his old boss:

Weege will be missed. Now excuse us, we're going to go listen to the Night Court theme song one more time: