The endless back-and-forth between the Yankees and Red Sox seems guaranteed to continue until the sun burns out or both Boston and New York are wiped out by extreme weather events, with a baseball source claiming the Sox have given Major League Baseball proof that the Yankees were also stealing signs.

Earlier this week, when the Sox were busted for stealing signs through the use of a trainer wearing an Apple watch, team sources claimed that they could also prove the Yankees were stealing signs with a YES Network camera. Now ESPN spoke to a baseball source who told them that the Red Sox gave a tape to the commissioner's office that allegedly shows a YES Network feed exclusively focused on the team's bench coach.

The team was so suspicious of the camera angle that they had their bench coach sit in a different spot, so that the Yankees couldn't see him giving signs, according to the source.

And while ESPN reported that the commissioner's office was hoping this whole thing would stay quiet, the exact opposite is happening. Michael Kay, who does play-by-play for the YES Network and also has a radio show on ESPN Radio blasted the Sox for attempting to "slither away" from their own cheating.

"I would know, I would have heard if this was something YES was involved in," the radio host claimed on his show.

The scandal has also regrettably infected the mayoral primary. During last night's debate between Mayor de Blasio and challenger Sal Albanese, both men put on their "totally normal not lizard people" caps to attempt to grapple with the sporting news of the day:

Albanese also continued to press the issue this morning:

Mets fans, for their part, have mostly decamped for football season, where they plan on following another uh...successful...Jets season.