It's both a Godsend and blaspehmy: there will be no red carpet at the Oscars this year, due to the impending war. (Thanks a lot, Bush and Joan or Melissa Rivers asking stupid questions...hey, really, thank you, Bush and Saddam!) Apparently celebrities don't want to seem frivolous, answering questions about "who are you wearing" while there may be air strikes. Ha. I bet they didn't want to be distracted by the inane tactics of the Rivers gals or Steven Cojocaru. I'm on the fence with red carpet coverage. I like Rogert Ebert, because his questions are good, but I also like knowing who people are wearing. But, thanks to People and the Internet, that'll be easy enough to know the next day. I bet all the fashion houses are freaking out even more than E! about this missed opportunity of free publicity.

Producer Gil Cates; Photo - AMPASOscars telecast Producer Gil Cates said:
"Keeping in mind the world situation, the Academy has elected to prepare a more sober pre-show and a scaled-back arrivals sequence. The traditional splashy red carpet arrivals line will be truncated, the portions of the arrivals press line that existed last year on Hollywood Boulevard will be eliminated and guests arriving by limousine will exit their cars on Hollywood Boulevard and enter the Kodak Theatre directly through the arrivals arch. Nevertheless, we wish to be able to continue to celebrate the magnificent achievements of our filmmakers last year and to present them with the Academy Awards that they have earned.

The Academy is mindful that many of its celebrity guests would feel uncomfortable arriving at this year's Awards at the beginning of a major war to face a business-as-usual phalanx of interviewers and photographers. The Academy's decision is meant to address the concerns of these celebrities, and to reflect the circumstances under which we are now producing this show."

Read his whole statement here
Don't worry - you can read Anita Gates' red carpet viewing habits from last year.