This is something you don't read about every day, unless it's in the Onion: a New York record store has managed to keep its doors open! The Daily News reports that Park Slope's only record store will remain open for at least another three years; "The legendary Fifth Avenue Record and Tape Center has found a new home just three doors down from its current spot at 439 Fifth Ave" where the owner will be evicted from by the end of June (despite never being late on his rent). 72-year-old owner Tony Mignone told the paper, "I'll give it another shot. I think it'll be good, because I could fix it up the way I want it... although this is nice over here. But the landlord is jerking me around." Opening 38 years ago and keeping loyal employees and customers since then, it's nice to see this story have a happy ending. One customer said, "They don't have these types of businesses anymore. All of them went out 30, 40 years ago. At least Tony maintains some of the splendor of the old days." Indeed.