Is it April Fools Day? Is it 1991? Are we dead? Is this Heaven? A record store is opening in Brooklyn this November. Opening. Open for business. And their crazy business model is to have patrons hand over cash for music that (our interns tell us) you can just procure on the internet for free these days. No vintage vinyl, just new music on different platforms. Sounds like a risky business plan!

Rough Trade will bring its beloved record shop from the U.K. to Williamsburg for their first U.S. location this fall. You may recognize that name (it is a solid one) as the label that puts out music from bands like the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian. Yep, a label... how are these guys succeeding where everyone else is failing?

The spot—called Rough Trade NYC—will open on November 25th inside of a 15,000-square foot repurposed film prop warehouse, reports Billboard, who calls the move a "major gamble." But one thing they have going for them is their live music partnership with Bowery Presents, who will host after-hours concerts in the space.

That's right: in-store performances! If this works, we'd be pretty okay with that.