There's nothing like using craigslist for multiple purposes: Night in the Big City's Jill reveals how ingenious girls use the online resource to find some cheap labor:

They find four postings for painters. They book all four painters for "interviews." You know, so they can attempt to discern which one is most capable/least likely to steal things. What they really do is determine which of the hipster boys is most attractive. Because today he will be sweatily working for hours painting their living room.

If you're less interested in being entertained while your apartment is painted, check out Manhattan User's Guide's list of painters, which includes information about the kind of insurance they carry. Apartment painting can also be a nice way to spruce up a new apartment. Which brings Gothamist to a new blog we love: Apartment Therapy, which details various ways you can improve your apartment, whether it's matching the color of your favorite beverage's label to your walls or a calendar of the week's home furnishing sales.