It turns out that the newly redesigned MoMA has some detractors, namely the neighbords whose apartments are like dioramas for museum goers to spy on. The NY Post spoke to some West 54th Street residents who are upset with museum's new glassy facade:

Rosanna Batista...was aghast to learn that up to 10,000 visitors a day were getting vistas of her boudoir with their $20 admission. From the moment MoMA reopened two months ago, she's been gawked at - and "flashed" - by a steady stream of camera-toting art lovers.

Oh, you kids with your digitial cameras and cameraphones, but, hey, you picked that street to live on and there was no contract saying the MoMA would not have windows. The MoMA is in talks with neighbors to make sure they seem sensitive to the 'hood, though.

This just makes Gothamist imagine a Rear Window like scenario, with museum goers seeing a crime in action. Hey, producers of Law & Order, we're giving that one to you for free!

Gothamist on the new MoMA. And photo from a visit to the new MoMA at Bluejake