rwbk1208.jpgThe Real World Brooklyn cast continues their media frenzy with a new piece in Time Out New York. Some highlights: cast member Baya was asked why Red Hook bar owners banned them, to which she replied, "They knew that we were coming and didn’t like the idea of it. It’s understandable. When you go to a small place, it’s really intrusive to have a huge camera crew come in." Meanwhile, with much of the cast still here, Ryan tells of their big city New Year's Eve plans, saying, "I thought, Hey, let’s all get together. We want to do the whole Times Square experience. I know it’s going to be crazy. I’ve heard horror stories. But I’m looking forward to doing it" (TONY clues them in on locals not ever doing that). But Mormon Chet continues to steal the spotlight when he asks the mag: "What’s that show, where the girls are doing the kick-ups? They’re very limber. Very limber. And that’s very important to me. The day I have sex I’m hoping it’s with a girl who has a little maneuverability." (*Shudder*) Watch out Rockettes! The season starts airing on MTV next month, but for now let's all take a look back at The Real World Hoboken.