It turns out that the elapsed amount of time from a wacky, but sorta relevant City Council proposal and thing happening can be as short at 2.5 months! In February, City Councilwoman Gail Brewer floated the idea making movie theaters list the times movies actually started, versus having people sit through the countless commercials before them. Now, Loews Theaters will be printing when movies really start, sorta: The NY Times says movie listings, ads, and web litsings will still have the time when movies+trailers+commercials start, but a note will say "the feature presentation starts 10 to 15 minutes after the posted show time." Ha, nice try, but "10-15 minutes" is hardly precise - when it comes to moviegoing, Gothamist like exactitude! Our moviegoing missions are timed like clockwork: Arrive 30-40 minutes early. Find seats. Settle in. Dispatch person to get popcorn. Go to bathroom about ten minutes before movie starts. Make fun of trivia questions. Do not enjoy the "Twenty." Laugh at people who desperately look for seats five minutes before showtime. The plan will be tested in Connecticut next week, and then come to NYC in a few weeks.

What do you think of publishing a disclaimer that movies start a little later? Gothamist likes the idea of this, but our biggest worry/future annoyance is that people will be even more cavalier and traipse into movies late, trying to shuffle into seats, blocking our view of trailers (which we do want to see), or worse, the opening credits. Luckily, speciality theatres like the Angelika, Lincoln Plaza, Film Forum, and the Sunshine tend to have less commercials than the big commercial chains like Loews and Regal, but Gothamist has been noticing they've been creeping in. Related: Ask Gothamist on moviegoing annoyances and latecomers.