Photos of last year's Kite Festival via Blundee513's Flickr.

Crafty kite enthusiasts, start your wind-powered engines: the Williamsburg Kite Festival is back for another year of G-rated good times. Make your own or bring a store-bought flying machine; the fest will be setting up at McCarren Park tomorrow, May 17th. Here's what to expect:

The public is invited to attend this colorful, daylong festival of kite flying, crafts and games for all ages, which for the past 3 years has supported arts in education and fostered kinship within the diverse neighborhoods of north Brooklyn.

There will also be live performances by The Hungry March Band, I.S. 318 Marching Band, Bubble do Beatles, Audra Rox, Lulu and the Amazing Jeske, Greenpoint Shotokan Karate and Metro Dance.

A "neighborhood cafe" will serve hungry attendees, and yes, the kite hostpital will be on hand again, tending to any injured flyers. The fest is part of It's My Park! Day and is free for all.