WTC redesign architect Daniel Libeskind is shopping around his memoirs; the Post also reports that he intends to donate the a portion of proceeds to children of September 11 victims. His agent says, "It's going to be a solid memoir for the general reader. It's not going to be experimental or avant-garde."

Perhaps a shrewd PR move shrouded in philanthropy, Gothamist was confused at first when we read the Post article: Our eyes skimmed over the words, selectively seeing "Libeskind," "writing book," and "children." We worried that the memoir ("which will deal with everything from Libeskind's accordion-playing childhood in Poland to his much-praised design of the Jewish Museum in Berlin and his selection in February as WTC planner") was actually a children's book, a la Madge. A young Libeskind in lederhosen with funky eyeglasses and an accordian? Hmm, that could be funny.

David Childs is the main lead architect and project manager of Freedom Tower; Libeskind is still the main overall WTC redesign architect (thanks, Felix, it's all very confusing). Libeskind's official site.