Yes, it's June 16, which means it's time for James Joyce enthusiasts to celebrate Ulysses, one of the most heralded books of the English language very few actually manage to read. Bloomsday on Broadway at Symphony Space started at noon today, but the readings of Joyce's work and reaction to it go on until midnight (Stephen Colbert, Jefferson Mays, the McCourt brothers - and Malachy will be in drag- and Fionnula Flanagan are a few of the performers). Gothamist appreciated the Newsday article about Bloomsday, Ulysses, and Joyce, which made us feel better about never getting past page 3 of Ulysses (a few people suggest skipping around in the book): "Even Nora, Joyce's wife, fretted over 'that chop suey [Joyce was] writing" and wished he'd attempt 'sensible books that people can understand.'" Maybe this year we'll break out the dusty copy of Ulysses and try again

Gothamist Weather loves how New York magazine asked four writers to profile four ordinary New Yorkers go about their day. And check out the James Joyce Center and The Brazen Head, a website about James Joyce.

Other reading events today: Amanda Stern's Happy Ending Reading Series has its last event of the season - with music from Jill Sobule, woo! - at Happy Ending Bar (302 Broome Street @ Forsyth, 8PM) and there's a Judy Blume Tribute - Amy Sohn and Lynn Harris are among the readers - at Fez (Lafayette and Great Jones Street, 7PM).