Our commenters make it into the Times! In Motoko Rich's article about cliches about Japan and the Japanese coming from Hollywood films, one of Gothamist's posts about Lost in Translation becomes a rich resource of quotes. Debate broke out over whether or not the film is racist or on the nose. There is a murky area between what would be acceptable if it came from an American/white director versus a Japanese/Asian director (the latter possibly having more leeway for satire, though an eagle eye would be afixed on accuracy), as well as the film being critically well received (like Lost in Translation) or a film not as worried about ideas (Rising Sun, Rush Hour, anyone?); for our money, many Japanese men of a certain age are shorter than Bill Murray, so that sight gag worked. Some of our regular posters quoted, but not named, are Frankenstein (whose quotes are even kept in the article) and RIO. So keep your comments coming, dear readers – the Times needs its quotes!

RIO also has a blog devoted to many things Japanese, TokyoNYC.