While Nik Wallenda has successfully walked a wire over the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, he won't be allowed to walk over the much more populated Manhattan. Following his last stunt, the daredevil mentioned his desire to walk on a wire strung between the two iconic buildings, but as predicted his biggest challenge is getting permission.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly addressed Wallenda's dream yesterday, saying, "I don’t think it’d be wise in this city. We have thousands of New Yorkers who certainly can be put at risk." He added, “It’s dangerous to cross the Grand Canyon, and obviously, there’s water at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Here, we have thousands of New Yorkers." Presumably it would be too difficult to block off the area below, which spans around 9 blocks and 4,000 feet, not including a buffer area that would be needed.

And since Wallenda plays by the rules, with his stunts airing on television, don't expect him to pull some epic Philippe Petit type thing.