Last week we learned that the NYPD's Midtown North Precinct sent letters to businesses in Hell's Kitchen, urging them not to participate in Santacon, the annual excuse to dress like Santas, sexy elves, and reindeer while "urinating, littering, vomiting and vandalizing" Bloomberg-sanitized streets. But don't fret—that precinct was just being Grinchy, because Police Commissioner Ray Kelly reassured the public, "This is an event that we support. It’s what makes New York New York."

The police commissioner of New York City brought it up during his press conference to honor the Good Samaritans who stopped the alleged Park Slope groper. Kelly did concede,"There have been some rowdy activity by a small handful of people in the past. I think that’s why the officers in Midtown North were trying to at least alert the tavern owners in that area. There has been some fighting ... blocking the sidewalk with large numbers of people."

Kelly added, "Generally, it’s a peaceful event and one that we want to support and facilitate." Aww, is someone lobbying to become Police Commissioner of the North Pole?

Santacon had previously promised to avoid Hell's Kitchen. Now organizers will probably give special directions for participants to seek out and taunt John Del Signore:

Some businesses are excited to leave coal for Santacon revelers by prohibiting them from their establishments. One bar worker told WABC 7 that Santacon was "one of the worst days of the year."