We've been monitoring how I am Legend, the big budget post-apocalyptic zombie movie set in New York, will be portraying the Big Apple ever since filming took place on the Brooklyn Bridge (it eventually gets blown up). Now, with reviews starting to pop up, we're hearing mixed things about the movie but raves about how a futuristic people-less New York City looks.

The Observer's Sara Vilkomerson was freaked out, noting how the city is "desolate with grass growing up and over Park Avenue sidewalks, deserted cars abandoned in the streets, the only sound of life is the flock of birds flying overhead or the herds of deer going for a romp up Lexington (until one gets eaten by a lion, sigh)."

Variety says "the opening minutes are breathtaking in their haunting imagery. The setting is a desolate Manhattan, parts of it unchanged but others in ruins, upholstered in part by grass and weeds and with abandoned vehicles jammed together. Billboards for 'Hairspray,' 'Rent' and 'Wicked' still adorn Times Square, but the only living beings in evidence are some flying birds, a herd of stampeding deer and a family of lions stealthily hunting its dinner." Hey, Mr. deMille, deer and lions are ready for their close-up!

The Hollywood Reporter, though, couldn't quite suspend its disbelief about apocalyptic NYC: "All utilities work perfectly, which might come as a shock to New Yorkers who experience problems with water, gas or electricity when a full work force mans those departments." Ha!


I am Legend opens this Friday - are you getting ready to see it? The website offers apocalyptic views of Union Square, plus wallpapers of destroyed NYC.