2007_02_rats9.jpgEven a week later, there's breaking news about the rats-at-the- Greenwich-Village-fast- food-joint story. The Health Department announced the health inspector who passed the restaurant the day before the rat show has been suspended. Not only that, the health department is :

- Reviewing all the restaurants the inspector visited since joining last summer and may re-inspect them
- Revisiting all restaurants owned by the franchise operator
- Going to provide "training specific to assessment of rodent infestation...to more than 100 DOHMH food service establishment inspectors within the next 8 weeks"

Um, that last point? Why didn't the Health Department have that before? The Health Department also says it has "performed a series of rodent exterminations on the block of 6th Avenue in Manhattan where the restaurant is located," but we'll rely on people who live there to tell us if they worked.

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said, "We are redoubling our efforts to ensure all inspections are conducted effectively so New Yorkers can continue to enjoy the best and safest food in the world." And before this Taco Bell-KFC on 6th Avenue can reopen, the restaurant has to present a new plan to prevent such incidents - we predict "big, hungry cats" will be mentioned in the presentation.

In other animal-related news, Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center is using Hooters girls in their posters and ads. We can't begrudge any efforts that will encourage people to adopt shelter animals, but would be these adorable pictures of puppies Magic and Merlin be enough?