It's been a while since we've heard from Rat Man, formerly known as Sad Rat Man, a.k.a. Thomas Sierra, the New Yorker most famous for stuffing his dyed pet rats in his mouth and... well, what more do you need? Don't judge—what are YOU famous for? Last we saw Sierra, it was last summer and Rat Man entertaining the masses in Times Square by wrangling multiple rats in his capacious mouth. It's a living!

This week, Sierra was spotted on the subway by Flickr photographer "eudæmon," who notes that no rats were harmed (apparently) during the taking of the photograph. He adds that Sierra said "he doesn't put balls in his mouth. Only head :)" And apparently, now he has a sidekick. What should we call him, Hat Man? It's been a long day. Excuse us while we check in on Thong Guy.