Say you're a relatively famous musician, and your laptop gets stolen while you're on tour. You offer a $1 million reward for anyone who returns the computer, and about a month later, someone does. So instead of paying them the cool mil you promised in a very public way, you act like that whole reward thing never happened. Cool, right? That's exactly what Harlem-based rapper/producer Ryan Leslie did, and now, unsurprisingly, he's getting sued.

Leslie's laptop was stolen last October when he was touring through Germany. He posted a video pleading for its return, initially offering a $20,000 reward, which he later bumped up to $1 million. About a month later, Armin Augstein found the laptop while he was walking his dog through a park in Stommelerbusch, Germany, and turned it in to authorities, who got the Macbook back to Leslie.

Now, Augstein says he's tried in vain to get Leslie to make good on his reward promise, all to no avail, so he's suing Leslie for $1 million plus interest. "It's unfortunate that my client has to go to such lengths to recover the reward," said Augstein's lawyer. Leslie has yet to comment on the situation, perhaps because he's been too busy living the "Fast Life."