Earlier today, rapper Jim Jones was arrested by police for driving his 2011 Bentley around SoHo in a bus lane with a suspended license. We guess that NYC really meant it when they said they would be cracking down on suspended licenses after the tragic bus accident earlier this month.

Jones was charged with driving with a suspended license and issued a desk appearance ticket. It's been an up-and-down 2011 for Jones: he was sued last month by two Texan women who claim they didn't give the rapper permission to use images of them "frolicking half-naked" on a Miami beach for his "Summertime" music video (you can see a NSFW clip of the video below). Jones, who was born in the Bronx and raised in Harlem, has a new album dropping next week, Capo, so we suppose this isn't exactly the worst publicity for him. He's actually starting to make a habit of releasing new albums and making court appearances, too.

Jones has a sketchy driving record as of late: he survived a "very bad" car crash in January. And one of Jones's twitter friends, _DaUnderdog2, may have given an insight into Jones' bad driving habits...or he may be talking about record sales, or something completely different: "This Nigga @jimjonescapo wanna blow sour, bbm, and drive 200 plus thousand with his knee, Smfh."