If you missed Awkwafina when she released "My Vag"—arguably the most perfect song ever penned about the vagina—then first, you'll want to check that out now:

The 24-year-old rapper hails from Queens and attended the famous La Guardia High School where she played trumpet, according to the Daily Beast, who basically describe her as a bad-ass Asian Daria in their profile.

The up-and-coming rap sensation just released a new video today for "NYC B*tche$," which will likely be on the mixtape she's looking to release later this month. Listen to her trash Jay-Z's stadium, bros, douchebags, vegans, hipsters, shitty artists, bitches from Bushwick ("they all live in Bushwick, they all love Bushwick, but I say fuck that shit"), and transplants ("NYC bitch, that's where I come from, not where I moved to on mom and dad's trust fund... you out of state fakes get your iPad stolen"):

[via The Hairpin]