Fifty interviews in, it's time to take a brief moment for reflection and hearken back to a baker's dozen of my personal favorites. In no particular descending order of preference, based on ever changing mood, here they are:

#13 Reverend Billy, Street Preacher, The Church of Stop Shopping (with Mindy Bond) - The anti-globalist hood Reverend on Starbucks mermaids who want their nipples back, death by latte and the first amendment.

#12 Michelle Madge, Glassblower - Glory Holes and what Glassblowers do for kicks when no one's around.

#11 Robert Margolis, Filmmaker - The Definition of Insanity writer, director and star reflects on psychoanalysis and his autobiographically inspired faux documentary following the trials and tribulations of the fictional Robert Margolis as he seeks fame and fortune.

#10 Queen Esther, Unemployed Superstar - Southern girl comes to the big Emerald city of Gotham to make good.

#9 Todd Solondz, Filmmaker (with Mindy Bond) - Infamous director of the weird, wacky and sick talks to Gothamist about his latest film Palindromes dealing with issues of child abuse, abortion and the Far Right.

#8 Mitch Borden, Small's and Fat Cat Jazz Club "Owner" - Jazz as way of life and imagination. Mitch talks of turtles, magical deserts, Ken dolls and a Pizza world where Pizzas go to People Parlors where they can eat real people.

#7 Teresa Fabik, Swedish Filmmaker seeking Gotham inspiration - Scandinavian girl comes to the city to explore the blue spot in her aura, and to hang with Germans named Helga.

#6 "Tyme," Writer, former inmate Attica Penitentiary - "Tyme," reformed bad boy and writer, recounts much much darker days.

#5 James Rowe, DJ, Musician, Dreamer of Dreams - James, a self pronounced "surrealist motherfuckin' devil," holds forth on him, the other him, and Pataphysics.

#4 Ira Elliot, Drummer, Nada Surf - Golden ball and chains, and dreams of Conan and Pete Best. Ira on Ira.

#3 Leo Kowalski, 92, Retired Elevator Operator - Anti-misceginist views, watching Pearl Harbor on TV, the scourge of Williamsburg hipsters, and more.

#2 Ralph Baker, (refusing to be) Blind Photographer - Ralph talks of losing his vision and repeated jousts with the police and mental health authorities over the course of 40 years as a street photographer.
and #1....

#1 Louis Alvarado, U.S. Citizen - Louis tells of a harrowing journey from El Salvador to the United States undertaken to escape conscription into a rebel movement.