2005_03_hot97.jpgOkay, Gothamist admits it: The whole 50 Cent-The Game feud that
may or may not have caused the shooting of an associate of The Game totally confuses us. First, the media reported that one of 50's crew was shot in the lobby of Hot 97 where 50 Cent was on the air dissing The Game (photo left, AP). But then the victim, who was shot in the upper leg-groin (ouchie), turned out to be a friend of The Game's. Or something like that. Though police aren't sure if the shooting was related to the 50 Cent-The Game beef (The Game claims 50 didn't help him that much with his No. 1 album; 50 Cent says he wrote at least half the material), last night shots were fired into the building where 50's management company is located on West 25th Street. The NYPD is working with the LAPD to see if there's a connection between these shootings and an L.A. incident. And rapper Fabolous wants the rappers to make peace, which makes us wonder who can broker the peace process? Dr. Dre?

2005_03_50game.jpgIs this a new rap war brewing? (Everyone hopes not.) Or is this a ploy to ensure that 50 Cent's new album, out tomorrow, sells many more albums? (Very possibly, but, really, if it is, that's sick.) Hip Hop Music has audio of 50 Cent's Hot 97 appearance. MTV asks if their collaboration was doomed from the beginning. The NY Times had a detailed story about the shooting and rivalries, with this 50 Cent quote: "You have a higher chance of getting shot because you're talking to me than if you never met me. See, my lifestyle's different from what you'd consider the norm, because I come from an environment where the price of life is cheap." And Gothamist tried to find a website for The Game, but mostly found video games links or this listing for the Michael Douglas-Sean Penn movie, The Game.