Randy Johnson; Image: W-CBSlike Gothamist loves the runs. "Welcome to New York" is what a CBS cameraman said to the newest member of the New York Yankees yesterday after Randy Johnson refused to be videotaped. Newsday has screengrabs of mildly entertaining video. The last thing Johnson said to the camera was, "Don't get in my face; don't talk back to me...all right? Or you'll see what I'm like." Yikes! At least the Big Unit cleaned up for New York, no more mullet, no more 'stache or goatee, but still wearing a sweat suit. In Johnson's apology, he said that "the past few days have been a bit overwhelming."

While Johnson probably deserves a reasonable level of privacy, he should realize he's in New York, and he's now a very public figure. They should have told him that when he signed his 2-year $32 million contract extension.

All we know is this will certainly be an interesting season for Johnson and the Yankees. Just wait until he has a poor game and gets questioned by those pesky beat reporters. Maybe they can also assign a cameraman to follow Johnson at all times to get his reactions and see what he's like. That would make for great reality TV, no?

Image from W-CBS via Newsday