Over the weekend The Arcade Fire played a big show on Randall's Island, far far away from the Knitting Factory and Mercury Lounge (some of the first venues they ever played here). For those who made the trip to see them, the post-show transportation made for quite the afterparty. One concert goer wrote in: "10,000 people trying to get on express buses does not work - we ended up walking the Triborough back to Queens."

If they stuck around waiting for the crowd to thin, they would have gotten a more intimate encore as Win & Co. headed into the crowd to play the Violent Femmes "Kiss Off":

Hopefully the song choice had nothing to do with his annoyance when met with "boos" after telling the crowd earlier that night "I know we come to New York a lot, but this is going to be the last time for a few years." Maybe there will be better transportation options to Randall's Island by then.

So how do you get home from Randall's Island after a big event? The MTA currently offers the following directions for getting there from Manhattan: Take the 4,5,6 trains uptown to 125th St. Exit to 125th Street and Lexington Ave. Take the M35 bus to Randall's Island. And there's the ferry.