Raising Victor VargasSamuel Goldwyn Films and Fireworks Pictures are continuing the full court press for Raising Victor Vargas. Today, there is a Daily News interview with director Peter Sollett. Mindy posted some interesting information about Raising Victor Vargas in comments, but they are too good not to post:

It was based on a short Peter did called 5 Feet High and Rising - the short was his thesis project and won awards at many festivals. One such award allowed him to live/work for 5 months in Paris on a feature length script. Tim Orr shot the film on 16mm (it looks amazing). Orr shot David Gordon Green's films (George Washington & All the Real Girls). Vargas was one of the first films in production in New York after 9/11.

Mindy also sent me the link to Peter's answers to other filmmakers about short film filmmaking. Thanks, Mindy!

Ray Pride's review of RVV. Gothamist saw it last night and it is a hilarious and affectionate (but not saccharine) look at growing up.