Neil Simon

News that New York playwright Neil Simon received a kidney from his publicist made Gothamist wonder how much do publicists, agents, and managers charge for organ donation? On the downside, it's not the easiest of procedure, but the upside is that you have a kidney left and it is free publicity.. But it's great that Simon's publicist, and good friend, Bill Evans, was able to do this - organ donation is too little utilized. And Evans himself was happy to help his friend/client, "You hear nothing but success stories. So I think it's an exciting thing. The real good that can come out of it is that somebody will think, 'Oh, I can give a kidney and be O.K.'"

Besides dealing with kidney issues the past few years, Simon was very upset with Mary Tyler Moore and the Manhattan Theatre Club over the production of his play, Rose's Dilemma; Moore walked off! American Masters on Neil Simon.
Organ and tissue donation is important; learn more here.