Lives were summarily destroyed over the weekend after torrential downpour forced cancellation of the The Hudson Project music festival in Saugerties, New York. More like Soggyties, eh? Eh?

All was well during Saturday performances from the Flaming Lips, Kendrick Lamar and Modest Mouse, but organizers called the music to a halt on Sunday after thunder, lightning and heavy rains turned the grounds at Winston Farm—the same site that hosted Woodstock '94— into a mud pit, inspiring attendees to wax philosophic about their wasted weekend.

“Last night, we thought we were all going to die, but it was cool,” Stephanie Rudis told CBS New York, presumably just before she took a running leap into a pool floatie resembling a donut or careened face-first down a hill made of mud, beer and chlamydia:

Others struggled to comprehend their misfortune, resorting to stretched analogies and deftly executed humble brags. “I’ve traveled to India three times, and it’s similar to what I’ve seen, like, in third-world countries—just filth, everywhere,” Xavier Caban told the station. For reference, here's a photo of some young people in Calcutta—very similar scene, but with fewer slip-n-slides.

Organizers said around 1,000 vehicles were stuck in the sludge Sunday night, with around 500 remaining lodged in place by midday Monday. Stranded attendees not occupied with sliding around in the fetid muck were offered shelter at the Kiwanis Ice Rink, though only 47 concert-goers took advantage. The rest were content to hang out and do this:

And this:

Doesn't this look fun?! Apparently some people thought so, and golly, were they upset when organizers cancelled the remaining acts on Sunday. "They gave us a big warning, and they were like, ‘You’re going to stay in your tents because it’s a massive rain.’ And then they stopped all the music and everything, and they just stole a day from us," Scotto Scott told CBS.

The festival started midday Friday, and was scheduled to end late Sunday, though the show was suspended around 4:45 p.m. in anticipation of heavy rains, and ultimately cancelled altogether at 7:45 p.m., the Daily Freeman reports.

On the bright side, Hudson Project announced on its Facebook page that it would be offering a full refund for Sunday's performances. "We know this doesn't fix the inconveniences caused by weather but we hope this helps. It was a very unfortunate ending to an amazing event." Also, nobody drowned!

Not everyone was in agreement about the festival's pre-rain success. "The whole things was pretty awful," one commenter complained on the blog Brooklyn Vegan. "Then they sent everybody home totally wacked out in the middle of the afternoon. Weird times, bad times."

And despite the historic location, some attendees felt that Winston Farm was an unfit venue for The Hudson Project—or, for that matter, any project. "Oh and someone tell someone that matters that Winston Farm is a shit site for a festival," wrote another commenter. "Complete shit. Rain or no rain. I feel like I've been ass fucked by a redwood."