Courtesy of Yvette Mattern

Did you see a rainbow laser in the sky last night? It was courtesy of The Art Production Fund and will be there through Thursday night. The laser, created by Yvette Mattern and called “Global Rainbow, After the Storm," is a tribute those affected by Hurricane Sandy, which coincides with a fundraising drive for Waves for Water and the New York Foundation for the Arts’s Emergency Relief Fund.

The laser beams are oriented so they shine in the direction of the neighborhoods that were hardest hit by the storm in Brooklyn and Queens, and according to FastCo they are situated in the Standard Hotel on the High Line. The lights can be seen for 35 miles.

From Brooklyn Heights (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

The laser will be powered back up between 8 p.m. through 2 a.m. tonight and tomorrow night. If you see it, send us your photos! Here it is in France last year: