Thom gets it.

Not everyone here at Gothamist HQ got lucky with tickets this morning—leaving the rest of us to troll Craigslist for a reasonably priced way in to one of their Roseland shows. HA. Let's all check our dignity at the door and delve into this dark corner of The Internet, which is best traveled to while in the "bargaining" stage.

Efforts to stop scalping at the small venue weren't completely successful—while all ticket buyers are required to enter the venue immediately upon receiving tickets at will-call, some speculate that scalpers found a loophole by buying with Ticketmaster gift cards. So far the holders are asking for everything from $550 per ticket to "priceless heirlooms, foreign treasures."

Anyone just wanna have a cathartic Fisher-style bonfire while listening to "Lucky" this Wednesday or Thursday night? We really feel it would help us jump from the "Depression" to the "Acceptance" stage:

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, "No gift cards will be accepted as a method of payment for a paperless event. This includes Ticketmaster gift cards and any variation of Visa, MasterCard or American Express gift cards. Ticketmaster reserves the
right to cancel any orders made with any of these gift cards." So there you have it, though feel free to keep the conspiracies coming!