We'll preface this by saying we exclusively listen to KEXP, but if we find a radio we think we'll tune in to this for a bit. What, you ask? 2005_02_artsradio.jpgThis week, starting tonight, Jake Fogelnest and Paul Scheer will be taking over K-Rock's airwaves from 10pm to 2am. It'll be like college radio...only with lots of people listening and, like, your stoned boyfriend not "deejaying".
You may want to tune in tonight, as there are only a few "rules" these two have to follow and, well, hopefully they can break them all and last the week but you never know. Talk hard. Steal the air. Yeah, we're quoting Pump Up the Volume in a post about a radio show.
The only drawback is that since it's radio you won't be able to see the hottest gap tooth since Scott Speedman. We're not kidding. Paul Scheer is hot and probably half the reason we watch Best Week Ever.
More info here.