The Washington Post's Peter Carlson digs into Radar, the super-hyped post-Talk, supposedly better than Us-Weekly and funny-like-Spy celebrity news hybrid. Carlson is disappointed: anybody really surprised to learn that Courtney Love is nasty? Or that Suge Knight is vicious? Or that Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Moore are obnoxious? Or that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is nasty, vicious and obnoxious?

I've got news for Roshan: Trashing celebrities is neither new nor courageous. The National Enquirer does it every week. If you want to show real courage as a magazine editor, try ignoring celebrities unless they actually do something important, or at least interesting.

Carlson ultimately hopes for better, as he does say there "are some real stories in Radar, and they are pretty good" like ones about Howard Dean. Gothamist is nonethless excited, because if there's anything Gothamist likes, it's pictures of celebrities.

Gothamist's 2 cents opinion of the cover: Ugly is the new wannabe black. The New York Times says the new black is color but Gawker says that new black hasn't reached the East Village yet. Gothamist checks self and realizes we are wearing the old black - black.