Open your eyes sheeple: raccoons have infiltrated almost every part of our city! They're in our libraries, they're in our brownstones, they're shopping at John Varvatos, they've invaded City Hall, and they basically run the show in the Bronx. And now, the Post reports that they've begun asserting their dominance in Central Park. “The raccoons aren’t responding to being shooed away,” terrified mother Lori Schechter told them. “People think they’re cute, but they don’t understand the danger."

In particular, the hoards of raccoons have taken a shining to Rudin Playground near Central Park West and 96th Street, a popular spot for kids parties. After observing nannies feeding the raccoons and then two children by hand, Schechter freaked out: “When they’re becoming bold enough to be near children, it’s a real problem.” When she called 311, she was told nothing could be done unless they're rabid, which the Health Department claims isn't an issue.

But won't someone think of the innocent, fear-averse children? “It just scares me that my daughter has no fear,” mother Meg Heminger said of her one-year-old Ella. “Who knows what the animals can do?” Watch the video below, and you can see just what they are capable of: