2007_02_raccoontrash.jpgYesterday, the city's Health Department was looking for two people who dropped off an injured raccoon at Animal Care & Control on East 110th Street last week. They had transported the raccoon, which was wrapped in a blanket, in a pet carrier and it later tested positive for rabies. Officials became worried that the people may have been exposed - what if they were foaming at the mouth?

Luckily, the people were found and tested negative for rabies. And it turns out they found the raccoon in Riverdale - all of this year's rabies cases have been from raccoons so far (none in Manhattan or Brooklyn).

Here's what the Health Department says about rabies. Last year, there were many rabies cases in Staten Island - vets were recommending that parents should bring their kids in if "cute little raccoons" were outside and not discouraged by daylight. There were rabies cases in the Bronx two years ago.

Photograph of a raccoon in a Bed-Stuy trash can by turkeyheart on Flickr