R. Kelly Video Shoot

Chicagoist has the scoop on the R.Kelly video shooting on the Chicago River, which involved a boat, lots of scantily clad women, and some bumping music. Gothamist can just imagine the director's pitch, "It's Big Pimpin', but in Chicago - dig it?" This makes Gothamist wonder why there aren't more videos in NY on Circle Line Cruises, the Staten Island Ferry, or the Water Taxi. For some reason, it's always a flatbed truck that goes down Broadway through Times Square. Come on, music video directors - you may come across some bodies in the East River or people using the free kayaks from the Downtown Boathouse on the Hudson. What could be better than that?

Jay-Z's 99 Problems video is a gorgeous, black-and-white dark ode to Brooklyn. See it here (we agree with stereogum about the Vincent Gallo part). And Gothamist admits to not knowing if it was in fact the Chicago River that runs through Chicago - we suspected it might be a canal of sorts. But thank heavens for the Internet.