The Quidditch World Cup, either the world's coolest or world's most annoying "sporting event," is happening today and tomorrow at Dewitt Clinton Park on Manhattan's West Side. And though college students affiliated with the International Quidditch Association insist they just want to do things like "bring magic to the communities," other say the magic has been lost. MyFoxNY reports, "the efforts by some to bring legitimacy to the game—including holding tryouts, having more structured competitions and even seeking NCAA recognition—are threatening to take the fun out of something that was supposed to"

The game, created by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and intended to be played in the air, is played while running around with brooms between your legs. The golden "snitch" is played by a person dressed in all gold with a tennis ball inside a sock hanging from the back of their pants. "Snitches have been known to ride on bicycles across the field; snitches have hid in families in the stands; in 2008 a snitch appeared at the top of one of the buildings," said one player. Unfortunately, the tournament most likely won't result in a hometown victory; according to NYU News's up-to-the-minute coverage, the NYU Hipster Horcruxes just lost to Emerson. We would say they could at least go out to score a pity lay, but c'mon, they're in a Quidditch league.