As Martha Stewart's legal team looks for the "perfect juror" (someone who watches the show, someone well educated) to sit on her trial's jury, Gothamist wonders about the questions they will ask potentials:

1) Do you like Martha green?
2) How do you feel about making a Spring Garden Cake that involves crumbling Oreos cookies for the "dirt" and spending hours creating garden vegetables from marzipan? Insane or appropriate?
3) Do you feel everything should have its own place, preferably a wicker basket with a pretty white grosgrain bow?
4) Do you consider shaking down antiques dealers on the Eastern seaboard savvy bargain hunting?
5) Are you creeped out that a mother and daughter could date the same man? Not that she did, but we're just saying "could"...
6) Is naming dogs Zu Zu, Paw Paw, Chin Chin and Empress Wu cruel or kind?
7) Do you have two luxury SUVs or three?
8) Do you have a Swiss bank account or off shore tax haven you siphon money to?
9) How many gift baskets does Martha need to make for you to find her not guilty?

One jury consultant says, "Someone with a strict moral compass, religious people are more likely to convict her." Heck, someone who wants to see Martha in unflattering orange jumpsuits would convict her. Gothamist likes watching Martha Stewart's TV show in early AM hours because her purring about how "perfect" something is makes us sleepy.