Of course it was coming: Bravo is developing Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. There will be a new team of "gaylifestyle coaches" because, according to Bravo President Jeff Gaspin, "It's something our female fans have been requesting since 'Queer Eye' became a hit." Gothamist knows exactly how all the episodes will end: The women, who may or may not have boyfriends, will look fabulous, finally throw away that make-up from three years ago, know how to give a really great blow job, cook something other than a frozen Weight Watchers dinner and Cosmo, tell us to dump that no-good boyfriend, and will fall in love with one of the FagHag Five. And for sweeps, there will be the joint "Queer Eye for Straight Girl and Guy," with the ten queers outtzuzhing each other (maybe Gothamist should nominate Jen and Jake!).

Queer Eye for the Straight Girl will air sometime between now and next year.

Gothamist on which Queer Eye fag to hag.