There isn't a lot of affordable waterfront property in New York City, but one man is making dreams come true in Queens, having put 3 of his vehicles on Airbnb with a starting price of $22. There's even a van down by the river, for the Matt Foley inside of us all.

For $69+ you can rent this authentic NYC taxi cab, but "don't worry the Meter is not on," your host Jonathan jokes in the listing. The renovated cab comes with a full size bed, pillows, and blankets, along with a view of the Manhattan skyline.


This "beautiful conversion sleeper van" starts at $99/night, and has been dressed up with air plants and other colorful things you'd find in a millennial's apartment.


Finally, there's the Van with a View option, which costs just $22. Though it's unclear if that's per hour, as this van is All Bed, baby.


Currently there are 53 reviews in total for these listings, and they are mostly positive... even from those pointing out there was no bathroom, no shower, no water, and that you are, in fact, sleeping in a hot van. Only in New York? Nah, they pull this in California too, but over there they've got these fancy vintage silver vans surrounded by lush greenery, see? Fine, you win this round, LA. [Queens Crap via DNAInfo]